Dr. Sajjad Babamaleki

Founder and CEO

سجاد باباملکی sajjad babamaleki

Beyond Megasoft startup company started its journey from United Kingdom in 2021 to introduce new solutions based on B2B and B2C to increase the quality of online services.
This company has gathered top experts and talents globally and created a phenomenal research and development department to assess the current social needs and respond to them creatively and with new standards in mobile applications and online services.
Thanks to technology world have become smaller than ever, and the definition of the global village has been shaped. Considering that, while their needs are promptly responded to, users’ enjoyment is the primary purpose of this project.


The output of this project resulting from the 24/7 work of our team will be online in less than four months in terms of few super mobile application that can truthfully say is the best one of its kind internationally.
Following the current situation, and because of worldwide pandemics, one of our primary purposes is to cover most people’s needs to reduce to 50% of their physical presence in society, which we believe will help prevent dangerous epidemics.


سجاد باباملکی sajjad babamaleki

This application will be usable in more than 150 countries with different cultures. The extensiveness of the services will involve more than 80% of people in every range of age and needs. We endeavored to make this application for every individual with every educational background as easy as possible, respecting this extensiveness. Additionally, we have created some solutions for disabled people usages.
Our economic advisors and sale experts whom all have international experiences have created attractive, and intellect business plans to make this program for every user with every income accessible. They expect a minimum of 500 million active users at the beginning and 1 billion users following that.