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January 2, 2021
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January 2, 2021


Social media is a term that we hear many times every day, and we often use it.
Attractive platforms that fill many people’s leisure and business time and nowadays consider as a personal and business identity.
These platforms are considered communication tools which without them, people feel unconnected to the world.
Endless positive and negative reviews of these tools signify that these have occupied a large portion of our daily life.


Best Mention App

All of these are good until the ownership of these applications doesn’t belong to a specific company or person, and users don’t get abuse with unilateral rules because of lack of a proper match and alternative.


BM social media app

We in Beyond Mega Soft have planned to dedicate parts of our activities and resources to create attractive social media platforms to reduce this monopoly and create a more competitive market, increasing the quality of services.