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Best Market
January 2, 2021
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January 2, 2021


BM real estate agents plans

Housing has been one of the most critical concerns of humans. With the advancement of technology and increasing demand for this basic need in the last two decades, proper infrastructure has been provided.
Tendency to easiness and simplicity to answer to needs is intensifying, and at the same time, new demands are created.
Unfortunately, in the last decade, we haven’t seen good progress in the search engine infrastructure of needs in this market, and society needs have outpaced the stopped technology machine.



Best Mansion helps the market
In Beyond Mega Soft, with proper need assessment that we had from the society, we created a practical, innovative, and engaging platform into an app which, with easiness and fastness in responding to the users’ needs, provides their satisfaction. This app is in its last cycle of development and will soon be globally released.


Best Mansion helps to reduce Covid
One of the manifest features of the Best Mansion app is to reduce the traditional physical presence of housing applicants, which will help control the pandemics and support this industry keep its activities and stop the vast losses during pandemics.


BM helps real estate agents

We also didn’t forget the market players in this industry and real estate agents. We have created an attractive business plan with an advanced search engine, collaborative platform to help them gain 80% of the income of this industry.