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January 2, 2021
sajjad babamaleki
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January 2, 2021


The game industry is one of the wealthiest computer industries that has progressed a lot.
The variety of this industry is inexpressible and can respond to all tastes.

Most young and youths play at least a few games on their smartphones and laptops to fill their leisure time.


BM gamers

Some enthusiastic players prefer to have an income alongside having fun. Because of this matter, some have created betting platforms and illegal game websites, leading to a lot of emotional and financial losses.


Gamers issues and BM solutions

Governments banning the usage of these illegal websites are trying to reduce the effects of this problem between youngsters, but limiting users on the internet has become almost impossible, leading to failing the governments on this mission.


BM games solutions

The better solution to fight this issue is to create a better alternative to protect gamers from illegal betting platforms.
Beyond Megasoft, with the gathering of talented and capable people and creative ideas, is developing robust and healthy alternatives to create a good rivalry for these platforms.