Nowadays, the number of internet users is increasing so that 90% of people in developed countries are using the internet to answer their needs.
Easy and fast usage of these tools is always essential. Still, unfortunately, because of making the UX easy, many beautiful features have been removed or not implemented correctly. The design has briefed into playing with colors, and we are seeing many copycats in this market.


BM and automakers

Analyzing the most famous automotive and electronic companies and every other renowned product shows that standard and beautiful design are vital. However, many companies have unique products because low-quality designs didn’t succeed and only gained few users. The clear examples of these companies are the smartphone companies that declared bankruptcy because of their competent rivals, which considered elegancy as a principle. Most of us have at least one of their products in our homes.


BM Application

In applications, because of many reasons that we analyzed, few names have monopolized the market. One of the main reasons is the lack of products that observe and implement two principles of aesthetics and practicality. If you survey most of the market users about car companies and electronic companies, undoubtedly 90% will stand for 4-5 brands between hundreds of brands.
Hundreds of other apparent examples show the human tendency to aesthetics.
But unfortunately, the same statistical society lacks a better platform and doesn’t have any idea but a cliche framework that less than five brands have implemented.


BM APP Beyond Mega Soft Ideas

In Beyond Mega Soft team, getting inspiration from nature and the communication ways of first humans securing aesthetics features unbelievably have mixed innovative tools to build a worthy and practical product for modern people and usage of every aspect of the society.
Best Market super application with placing 95% of the needs of an online user in a practical and straightforward framework allows users not to install and work with many applications simultaneously.



Also, our product creates a mutual service between society services to build more job opportunities and increase their income. Organizing and providing social services to this level of society has always been one of the biggest concerns of governments. We also have made some predictions and plans about these concerns. Providing proper infrastructures to increase the quality of life of these levels of society is one of our most important goals.

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