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      Nowadays, the number of internet users is increasing so that 90% of people in developed countries are using the internet to answer their needs.Easy and […]
  •   Housing has been one of the most critical concerns of humans. With the advancement of technology and increasing demand for this basic need in the […]
  •   Social media is a term that we hear many times every day, and we often use it.Attractive platforms that fill many people’s leisure and business […]
  •   The game industry is one of the wealthiest computer industries that has progressed a lot.The variety of this industry is inexpressible and can respond to […]
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      BestMessenger is an extraordinary messenger with new communication tools and a beautifuldesign that will be the most suitable option to replace WhatsApp and Telegram. This […]
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      AutismProject is a brand-new project and a idea in educating autistic children. We hadcomprehensive research on it for three years. Since the concept has not […]
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    These projects have a deep connection to each other and are blockchain-oriented, deep downtheir foundations.